About the Forum

The second annual Honor the Harvest Forum is designed to create opportunities for system wide collaboration. It is time for the entire food value chain to unite with the brightest minds in agriculture, science and technology in order to create system wide initiatives that will serve as a foundation for future food, environmental, and economic security. The best outcomes occur when our voices and our efforts are unified with a set of shared mutually beneficial priorities.  Simply put, we are more powerful together.




Learn more about this event from leaders in food and agriculture who attended the inaugural Honor the Harvest Forum 2019.

Honor the Harvest in the News

The inaugural Honor the Harvest Forum sparked intensive discussions within the food and agriculture chain on a path to a more sustainable food system. Politico followed up with an in-depth piece on farmers, ranchers, and climate change. Read more in Politico's article How a closed-door meeting show farmers are waking up on climate change.

Forum Council

The Forum Council advises on the framing, agenda, and attendees for the Forum and helps identify the ripest areas for cross-system collaboration. The Forum Advisory Council is composed of key leaders in the food and agriculture industries, including farmers and ranchers, CEOs, public officials, and experts from across the food value chain. These leaders were chosen to represent all the major stakeholders in food and agriculture systems to ensure every voice is heard in the co-creation of our future sustainable food systems.